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Our founding attorney, Adam Poncio, has more than 30 years of experience helping people who have been wronged by their employers. He is board certified in labor and employment law as well as civil appellate law, signifying expertise and the respect and endorsement of his peers in the legal community.

Protecting The Rights Of Employees In Texas For More Than 30 Years

Workplace Discrimination

Poncio Law Offices, P.C., helps people who suffer discrimination or sexual harassment in a hostile work environment. We’ll hold your employer accountable and defend your rights.

Wrongful Termination

Even in an at-will employment state like Texas, there are circumstances
where being fired qualifies as wrongful termination. We can determine if you have a case.

Wage And Hour

If your employer isn’t paying you for every hour you work, we can help you get the backpay you deserve. We will also make sure overtime hours are properly compensated.

Business Disputes

Our legal team has extensive experience mediating, arbitrating and litigating business disputes. From contract disputes to conflicts between partners, we can help.

Has Your Employer Discriminated Or Retaliated Against You?

We offer experienced representation in cases where your employee rights have been violated. Our founding attorney, Adam Poncio, has more than two decades of experience as an employment law attorney. He understands the stress that comes with workplace discrimination, employment claims and business disputes. Whether you have been sexually harassed, been wrongfully terminated or worked overtime hours without being compensated, our team has the experience to defend you.

Our office is located in San Antonio, and we work cases in the surrounding area in Texas. If you believe that your employer has violated your rights, contact us today. We will defend you.

Attorney Adam Poncio

Adam Poncio

Adam is a family man who has received many legal and community honors over the years and is committed to bringing justice to those in need.

Attorney Alan Braun

Alan Braun

Alan Braun is an Associate Attorney at Poncio Law Offices.

Double Board-Certified Means Demonstrated Success For Clients

We Can Help You Resolve Your Dispute With Your Employer

Get the advantage of having a double-board certified attorney on your side by contacting us today.