Has Your Employer Violated Your Rights?

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Founding attorney Adam Poncio has almost 30 years of experience in employment law. He is double board certified in Texas.
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Nobody Should Suffer Discrimination Or Sexual Harassment At Work
We’ll defend your rights against your employer.Workplace Discrimination
Have You Suffered Retaliation Or Been Terminated From Your Job?
We can help guide you if you have a wrongful termination case.Employment Claims
You Should Be Paid For Every Hour You Work And Overtime
We will represent you if your employer is violating your wage and hour rights.Wage and Hour
Are You Part Of A Business Dispute Or A Severance Agreement?
Our team represents you in a variety of business matters.Business Disputes

Has Your Employer Discriminated Or Retaliated Against You?

We offer experienced representation in cases where your employee rights have been violated. Our founding attorney, Adam Poncio, has more than two decades of experience as an employment law attorney. He understands the stress that

comes with workplace discrimination, employment claims and business disputes. Whether you have been sexually harassed, wrongfully terminated or have worked overtime hours without being compensated, our team has the experience to defend you.

Our office is located in San Antonio, and we work cases in the surrounding area in Texas. If you are worried that your rights are being violated by your employer, contact us today. We will defend you.

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Experienced Employment Law Attorneys

Our staff knows employment law. Mr. Poncio is double board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in labor and employment law and civil appellate law. He is uniquely qualified to work a variety of cases.

It is important to have an experienced lawyer on your side to bring a case against your employer. The issues at stake aren’t just important, they require a full understanding of the law. We have the dedication and experience to work your case from start to finish.

Do you have a dispute with your employer?

Contact us today for a consultation. We will help you understand your rights as an employee, and whether those rights have been violated. Call us at 210-441-7058 or email us.