We Negotiate Severance Agreements

Whether you are fired or laid off, you may be able to negotiate compensation. Often, this compensation is the result of a severance agreement. Typically these agreements state that you will not bring legal action against your employer for termination, and will receive a severance package in return. This often includes salary and benefits.

There are now laws governing severance packages, and having an experienced attorney on your side can help you get better compensation. We’re experienced in negotiating and reviewing severance agreements, and have worked with employees in San Antonio and surrounding areas in Texas.

Should You Sign A Non-Compete Agreement?

Some employers will present employees with a non-compete agreement. These agreements can limit your ability to work at other jobs should you seek new employment. Employers have their employees sign these agreements to protect their trade secrets and business interests. However, in order for the agreement to be enforceable, they must prove that it legitimately protects their interests. The agreement must also be reasonable in scope, geography and time.

Courts often see non-competes as unfair to the employee. However, you can avoid a legal battle by making sure you enter an agreement that serves your best interest. We will review documents for you and ensure you are entering an agreement that does not limit your future employment.

Questions About Severance Or Non-Compete Agreements?

Contact us today for a consultation. We will review severance and non-compete agreements, and help you understand what you are signing. Our experienced attorneys will also negotiate to ensure the agreement is in your best interest. Call us at 210-441-7058 or contact us online.