Why Whistleblowers Are Important

Whistleblowers play an important role, because they report their employer to authorities for taking part in illegal activity. Safety or ethical violations are serious, and employees have the right to notify someone if they have credible information that their employer is taking part in unethical or illegal behavior.

One common type of whistleblowing is a qui tam action. In qui tam cases, you believe your employer is defrauding the federal government. If your employer is found guilty of fraud, you would be entitled to a portion of the settlement.

Experienced In Defending Whistleblowers

If you think your company is taking part in illegal actions, you should contact an attorney. Should you become a whistleblower, you may put yourself at risk of retaliation by your employer. It is illegal for them to do so, and we have deep experience representing clients in whistleblower cases in San Antonio and surrounding areas in Texas.

Your Rights As A Whistleblower

As an employee, you are protected from retaliation if you bring a complaint against your employer. Even if your employer is ultimately found to be in compliance with the law, they cannot take action against you as long as your complaint was in good faith.

If your employer takes action against you for whistleblowing, you need an experienced lawyer. The laws are clear that you have every right to report your employer for illegal activity without fear of losing your job or facing other consequences at work.

Lost Your Job For Whistleblowing?

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