Workplace Discrimination: Are You Being Discriminated At Work?

Discrimination and harassment in the workplace happen every single day across the state of Texas and throughout the country. However, it is not always easy to identify when your rights are being violated.

Based in San Antonio, our employment law attorneys at Poncio Law Offices, P.C., have experience in both state and federal labor and employment law cases. Our founding attorney, Adam Poncio, is double board-certified in labor and employment law and civil appellate law, making him uniquely qualified to work on a variety of discrimination cases.

What Is Workplace Discrimination?

The discrimination laws in our country and the state of Texas have identified that there are certain classes of people that should be protected. Discrimination happens when someone from a protected class is treated differently because of characteristics like race, nationality, sexual identity, gender, age or disabilities. Anyone from a protected class deserves the same rights and opportunities as anyone else. Our employment law attorneys have handled a wide range of employment discrimination cases, including:

Workplace discrimination can take on a variety of forms, and it’s not always easy to recognize when it is happening. Discrimination scenarios can include someone getting passed over for a promotion because of their gender. It could be someone getting picked on because of their sexual orientation. It could also be an employee who has to deal with unwanted sexual advances and being sexually harassed by a boss. Any of these scenarios can certainly make your work environment uncomfortable and even hostile.

What Rights Do You Have As An Employee?

It can be easy to get caught up in feeling like you have to do what your employer says. When it comes to discrimination, this is not the case. If you are working in a hostile environment, experiencing harassment at work or are the target of harassing behavior, you have every right to take action against your employer. Discrimination in the workplace is a serious issue. If you are being discriminated against or harassed at work, our experienced workplace discrimination lawyers can help protect your rights.

Sometimes, it is not always obvious whether you have a legal case for workplace discrimination or harassment. Our employment law attorneys at Poncio Law Offices, P.C., have handled many different types of employment law cases. They can assess your case and help you understand if you have a plausible workplace discrimination claim. You deserve to work in an environment that is free from harassment and discrimination.

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