What You Need To Know About The Family And Medical Leave Act

One of the most common issues surrounding the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is pregnancy discrimination. If you are pregnant, the FMLA can protect your right to take leave following the birth of your child, or for health concerns during or after the pregnancy.

However, the law doesn’t only apply to pregnancy. If you are sick or disabled and unable to work, the FMLA allows eligible employees to take 12 weeks of unpaid leave. Your employer must restore your position when the leave is up, as long as you meet all the provisions.

If you feel your FMLA rights have been violated by your employer, you need an experienced attorney on your side. Our lawyers are deeply experienced in FMLA cases, and know Texas laws. We are located in San Antonio, and represent clients in surrounding areas.

FMLA Also Applies To Your Family

The FMLA doesn’t just apply to you. If you need to take time from work because of an injury or illness to an immediate family member, such as a spouse, child or parent, you may be able to use the FMLA to take an unpaid leave. This works the same as if you take leave for yourself, meaning that your employer must allow you to return to your job when your leave is up.

If you are not allowed to return to work for taking medical leave, your rights have likely been violated. We can help you understand your rights, and what you can do to fight your employer.

Questions About The FMLA And How It Could Affect You?

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