Who Should Be Aware Of Wage And Hour Violations?

It may seem like an issue for low-wage earners, but that’s not true. Everyone should know about wage and hour laws. Laws protect employees’ rights regarding the minimum wage, the number of hours worked per day and overtime pay. These issues can affect employees in any role and any industry.

There are state and federal laws that protect your work hours and pay. We will defend your rights against your employer in wage and hour violations. Our attorneys at Poncio Law Offices, P.C., have years of experience working these cases in San Antonio and surrounding areas in Texas.

The Difference Between Exempt And Nonexempt Employees

Nonexempt employees are paid on an hourly basis. They are entitled to minimum wage and overtime pay for working more than 40 hours per week. Exempt employees, conversely, are not entitled to overtime pay. They are paid a salary, and perform exempt job duties, which include three groups:

  • Executive
  • Administrative
  • Professional

While wage and hour issues are more common in hourly jobs, where unpaid overtime is one of the most common problems, exempt employees still have employee rights. Employees with either classification should be aware of employment laws, so they know if their rights are being violated and need to hire a lawyer.

We Can Help With Wage And Hour Violations

If your employer is violating your rights by not compensating you fairly for all hours worked, our lawyers can help. Call us at 210-441-7058 or email us for a consultation to find out how our experience can benefit you.