Have You Worked Unpaid Overtime?

If you have worked overtime hours without compensation, you likely have a case against your employer. Overtime pay is guaranteed by law to hourly employees. This means that your employer must pay you for every hour you work.

At Poncio Law Offices, P.C., we have experienced attorneys who have worked countless unpaid overtime cases. We are located in San Antonio, and work cases in surrounding areas in Texas. Being paid for every hour you work is important, and we will make sure you get the wages you deserve.

You Are Entitled To Damages In Unpaid Overtime Cases

The law states you are entitled to double the amount that was unpaid. If you work an extra 20 hours, you can collect twice your standard pay for those 20 hours. You will also have your attorneys’ fees covered, as this is mandatory under the law.

There are positions where you might not be entitled to overtime pay. These include exempt employees, and certain hourly employees. There are also jobs that include tips, and some of those employees can be paid less than minimum wage.

The laws and rules surrounding wage and hour and overtime are complex. Our experienced team can help you understand how the laws affect you.

When You Should Contact An Attorney

If your employer requests you work extra hours without pay, you should contact an experienced lawyer. Our team will represent your best interests against your employer. Call us today at 210-441-7058 or email us for a consultation.