Were You Treated Differently At Work Because Of Your Race?

The first step toward addressing a claim against an employer after experiencing racial discrimination in employment is to file a complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Civil Rights Division. Before or after you do this, you will do well to have an employment lawyer review the facts of your case and recommend legal remedies. Your attorney can help you prepare and present evidence to the TWC and, if necessary, in other legal forums and methods, such as civil litigation.

In San Antonio, people who have experienced racial discrimination often turn to Poncio Law Offices, P.C., for guidance and representation. We are two attorneys with several decades of experience between us. John Poncio is a double board-certified attorney. Both of us are well qualified and ready to evaluate your racial discrimination case.

Were You Demoted, Passed Over Or Fired Because Of Your Color?

Texas Labor Code Chapter 21 and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 both spell out your rights to freedom from employment discrimination according to your race or stereotypes about any demographic group that you belong to. The prohibition against discrimination encompasses people with particular religions, ethnicities and related social circumstances, such as marriage to someone of a particular race or identity.

Prohibited actions by employers include:

  • Hiring
  • Termination
  • Promotion
  • Compensation
  • Job training
  • Other privileges or terms of employment

Private employers with more than 15 employees and all public employing agencies must comply with these specific prohibitions based on race, color or religion. So, for example, a small ethnic restaurant employing just a few people could restrict employment to people of the relevant ethnicity, but a large department store or a small government agency must not discriminate by race, color or religion.

Do You Have A Claim?

Your case may have special civil rights aspects to examine. For example, maybe your religion does not allow you to handle pork or contraceptives – and when you decline to do so, your employer fires you. Was it wrongful termination based on your religion?

Let an experienced employment law attorney help you discover a way to assert your rights.

Or, is there evidence that an employer passed you over when you applied for a job but then hired ten similarly qualified people after you who were not of your race or color? You may have a clear-cut cause for legal action.

Get Legal Advice After Being Fired Or Not Being Hired Because Of Race

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